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Tales From the Trenches, vol. 8

Authenticity - this is what brands strive for.

In her article for AdAge “Brand Authenticity: Is It For Real?” Jill Byron writes, “Ditch authenticity as a brand attribute. Don't say you are authentic -- be authentic.”

One simple way to be authentic without saying you’re authentic is to use real, authentic, live musicians in an advertising underscore/jingle/corporate anthem, etc. Often, budgets are designed without considering the value of live musicians in an advertising underscore. You can hear it, and more importantly you can feel it.

Seth MacFarlane’s latest endeavor, The Orville, an homage to the Star Trek franchise, enjoys a real orchestra and top tier composers. In an interview with Variety’s Jon Burlingame, MacFarlane says, “For us, music is more important than in most TV shows. Even if an audience doesn’t know it’s hearing acoustic players, it somehow makes the show seem important — a little more legitimate. It makes it feel like a movie.”

Mr. McFarlane’s use of real players, appropriate composing talent, and the necessary time to develop themes and underscores makes his show feel authentic and premium. This is a no-brainer!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had agency creatives tell me, “This (our spot) is more like a little film, and less like a commercial.” In my mind I’m asking myself, “So why are you cheaping out on the one thing that can easily make your little film feel like a movie, i.e. feel important, premium and authentic? Real musicians!”

If you want to be authentic, sound authentic.

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