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Tales From the Trenches, vol. 17

This is the next album in what has become a growing trend for me, to create arty, unique and very musical albums. I was talking with Elias ECD, Vinnie LoRusso, about different guitar tunings and “preparations.” Out of the blue he suggested doing an album of Prepared Piano! Thus began my research into the different ways a piano can be prepared. I used some of the preparations that legendary composer John Cage invented, such as placing rubber mutes directly on the strings, as well as experimenting with adding all kinds of items to the strings, from ping-pong balls to tape dispensers. There is a lot of live piano on this album as well as prepared guitar, prepared bass, an old drum machine, and various toys I have lying around. This was an absolute joy to write, produce, and perform!

Special thanks to my housemates, Timothy Koob and Nick Orlando, for letting me prepare their Yamaha Grand and trusting me not to destroy it Big thanks to the Elias Music Library for the opportunity to create something truly different!

Click on the artwork to listen.

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