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Mike Boris

Jaded Melody

 "Fritz hears what most people see."

Noel Franus

Experience Design Consultant
Founder/Executive Director at

"Fritz is a once-in-a-lifetime leader, creative thinker and collaborator. He’s got this crazy-magic ability to lead a roomful of CXOs into a tizzy with a hot stew of practical-genius ideas and deliver on all of them. On time. In ways that work wonders for brands. And with clients and coworkers who love him every step of the process."

Martin Pazzani

Entrepreneurial CEO
Marketer & Strategist

"Fritz Doddy is a rarity in the music business: a gifted composer and an inspiring creative director, a strategic thinker and natural marketer, with an infectious and reassuring 'can do' demeanor. His influence on the commercial music genre has been significant."

Jon Anderson

for Yes

The Feeling of Far is very fresh and clear...a feast!  This record is very provocative, magical, mystical, musically inventive and soulful. It's very visual and delightful. This is a musical for everyone."

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