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Fritz's Story

How It All Began

A fourth-generation musician, Fritz began his writing and performing career at the ripe old age of 6 and has never looked back. He discovered rock 'n roll and the perks that go along with playing in a rock band, and proceeded to play in and tour with many original and cover bands throughout his teens and early twenties. Amidst all of that, he did a stint at Rutgers University as a piano/composition major, and even worked for a time as a carpenter.

Looking for a more stable lifestyle for himself and his family, Fritz joined EliasArts as Jonathan Elias's musical guy Friday, working on a production catalog as well as artist development projects. During a particularly busy time, he was asked to try writing for picture, and found immediate success in the world of underscores. He went on to become the Creative Director for Elias’ NY studio, and during his 25-year tenure there, won Clios for Audi and Got Milk. Additionally, he is one of the primary architects of the EliasArts audio branding process. In 2015, Fritz started his own company with the help of his wife and business partner Valerie Koob. They currently use 2 coffeemakers during the day, and champagne is always kept on ice.

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